Taking Grandpa Out: Ideas For Outings

This is very closely related to political journalism but the difference is that the pieces wouldn’t always be examining some dilemma or viewpoint. In most cases the issues would be straightforward ones that the general public could support; however this requires a gentle touch because it is easy for one opinion to become controversial very quickly. Issues such as environmental conservation, protecting animal rights etc. require more visibility in popular culture and journalists dedicated to that cause can make a big difference with what they write.

If you are like most families today, then your grandparent/s probably lives out in a home for the elderly. As our schedules become too hectic and our homes become too small, there is an increasing trend of grandchildren taking their grandparent out on outings to spend time with them; the communal atmosphere of the homes are often not the ideal place to bond. In such cases, the younger generation is often faced with a dilemma: where are you supposed to go?
Here are some suggestions for you to consider.

The Tech Evolution

Grandpas nowadays would remember when the first vehicles came out. They probably rode in or saw some of the earliest models of cars that we now take for granted. So why not take them to see some more? There are plenty of show cases and lots set apart for classic hot rods that are a step beyond the tired old vehicles they were used to seeing. With the shell of a car they remember and the engine of a super speeder, your grandfather will definitely enjoy seeing how technology has worked for the better in the last 50 years. As a bonus, you will also manage to convince them that not all technology is bad after all.

Memory Lane

Nothing makes elderly people happier than a trip down memory lane. If custom built hot rods don’t excite them, take them for a ride in a neighbourhood that they knew as children or young people. This would be even better if that neighbourhood hasn’t changed much since their day. Even if it has, they will enjoy indulging in memories and anecdotes. The best thing you can do is to listen; listen to the emotion in their words, listen to the stories that make them come alive. This is living history that you’re hearing. Don’t dismiss it because it is so unfamiliar to you and it sounds boring. Treat it like you would an old movie. Ask questions you normally wouldn’t. Away from the socializing and constricting influences of ‘society’ your grandpa might reveal things to you about his life that you never dreamed of.

Meet Friends

If any of your grandpa’s old cronies are still out there, take a road trip to see them. It might not give you a lot of time to talk to the old man yourself, but he’ll never forget the effort you took to make his day. The older one gets, the more lonely they become because others with shared experiences drift away and eventually pass on. A visit to an old friend with whom he can have a good laugh will bring back good memories for your grandpa and make him much happier than he was.